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27 Nov 2018 11:47

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<p>Analysis says that young Britons are unhappy and lack confidence in themselves and their future. But what are the reasons for this? Respondents to a Guardian callout said their enormous scholar debt and the prospect of not being able to own a home were some of the explanations for their generation’s unhappiness. Listed below are another ideas from younger people across Britain.</p>

<p>I went to university to review physics with the hope of going into scientific analysis. However after contemplating components resembling pupil debt I realised the truth of the situation, and decided to look for jobs that focused around pay as a substitute. I instantly obtained a job after uni however three years on - and despite paying month-to-month payments of approx &pound;100-150 - my student debt is now at &pound;46,000 due to interest. Younger folks are sometimes sold the lie they should get to university to get where they need to be.</p>
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<p>College students research at an enormous financial cost, and graduate only to be able not to seek out work within the fields they need to enter. University has become desirable because of the freedom it gives young individuals who've by no means lived away from home. We have to encourage more into vocational jobs and reaffirm to them that these are worthy careers.</p>

<p>Mental health issues are incredibly widespread among young individuals. Many teenagers have to turn to the web or even their associates to assist them, because the assets merely aren’t there, not to mention the stigma around psychological health. Schools put unbelievable amounts of stress on young people with finding out. For me personally, I used to be so burdened and anxious in class that I'd suffer panic attacks. One time I broke down crying in the middle of class. Schools must stop scaring pupils into learning by threatening that they are going to be dropped from the course because this has a horrible affect on young people’s mental well being.</p>

<p>My mum was ready to buy and rent out a flat in Glasgow’s metropolis centre when she was 17-years-outdated and working on the Department for Work and Pensions. I know I won’t even be capable to afford to rent a flat not to mention purchase one! Housing costs and rent want to come down or younger individuals are going to be dwelling at home perpetually - it’s inevitable.</p>

<p>I can solely live in shared housing on my present wage. I have started saving for a deposit with the view to purchase inside ten years, and I am in a position to save lots of each month solely attributable to the actual fact I live in a northern city, where price of residing is cheaper. If the federal government and society do not act now, we will expertise the results of a burdened out, burned out technology.</p>

<p>The entire text generation has taken a whole lot of character out of younger people’s communication and left a number of them strangers to themselves. The affect of social media has poisoned the generations that have solely ever recognized that life too. Folks say we are lucky to have phones and all this technology when in actuality it’s having a damaging impact.</p>

<p>People can’t make mistakes anymore because it would all the time come again to haunt them; each single silly resolution is eternally saved online which makes rising up more durable as you have got be taught and grow from these embarrassing issues. Though we're related technologically like by no means before there’s a definite feeling of loneliness.</p>

<p>I feel much of this stems from a lack of community. The loneliness, constant competitors and the feeling of not being listened to or taken advantage of takes a toll. I feel we'd like a change in what we value as a society. As an alternative of focusing a lot on what we produce we should as a substitute have a look at what actually matters in life. Despite having an excellent group of pals I really feel lonely and remoted.</p>

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